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Protect Your Kids by Learning About the Latest Florida Toy Recalls

Protect Your Kids by Learning About the Latest Florida Toy Recalls

The last thing you expect a toy to do is harm your child. However, toys are not the only defective children’s products that can injure your child. So can faulty bunk beds, strollers, and car seats. Product recalls, the removal of products from shelves, happen when multiple customers are injured or were put at risk by the same product. Being aware of the latest toy recalls might be able to help you prevent your child from injury by returning a defective product. If your child suffered injuries from a product, then consider asking a Florida Serious Injury Lawyer about your Florida product liability options. 

Latest Florida Toy Recalls 

In March 2021, there have been quite a few product recalls. If your child suffered injuries from a product that was on a Florida product recall list, then consider talking to a lawyer about what legal steps you need to take. You could potentially receive compensation for your child’s injuries that could cover medical expenses along with any emotional distress your child experienced.

These 2021 children’s products range in problems from fire hazards to the potential to fall apart and cause physical injuries. Fire hazard products include Three-Wick Revive Candles, Protect Your Kids by Learning About the Latest Florida Toy RecallsFoam and Pocket Spring Mattresses, and Ranger Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles along with their ProXD, Gravely, and Bobcat Utility Vehicles. They vary in their problems with the vehicles having fuel leaks and the candles having highly flammable wax.

When it comes to physical hazards, the Hillsdale Furniture Jennings Counter bar stools tend to break off the base and cause fall hazards and Casa Kids Cabina Bunk Beds have loose screws that can make the bed fall down. Haro Bicycles had two of their bikes recalled after the steerer tube kept breaking while people were riding their bikes, causing people to lose control of steering.

Diono Cambria Booster seats have been taken off shelves after a crack was found to lead to a safety hazard that could prevent the seat from protecting a child during a Florida car accident.

What If My Child Was Injured by A Florida Defective Product? 

If your child was injured by a defective or recalled product, then you might be able to file a Florida product liability claim against the product manufacturer. You will need to figure out the type of defect that caused your child’s injuries:

  • Manufacturing Defect: problem during the mass production of the product
  • Design Defect: A problem in every version of this product that usually leads to recalls
  • Marketing Defect: Lack of instructions or hazard labels for safe use of the product 

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