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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact Piedra Law Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. We practice motor vehicle accident law and will negotiate with insurance companies to get you compensation for your injuries. We work with clients from Sunrise, FL, Hollywood, FL, Plantation, FL, and the surrounding areas. To get started filing a personal injury claim, set up a free consultation with us today.

Our Practice Areas

We assist clients who have been injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident, including those injured by motorcycles, bicycles, and electric scooters. We can also handle cases that deal with 18-wheelers and rideshares. No matter how you have been injured, we will thoroughly examine your situation, take into account the injuries you have received, and develop a plan for getting you compensated.

Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are Hector M. Piedra, both of whom have years of experience practicing personal injury law. We are passionate about helping our clients and protecting them from being taken advantage of by insurance companies. If you have been injured and need to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Our Personalized Approach

When you hire a motor vehicle accident attorney from our firm, you are guaranteed to receive personalized attention. You will always be able to contact your lawyer directly if you have questions without being passed off to someone else. We will always have time to discuss your case with you and address any concerns you may have.

Call us at 855-881-4878 or fill out our contact form to request a free legal consultation. We are available 24/7 and speak Spanish. No matter what kind of accident you have been through, we will fight for you to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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