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Vital Steps You Should Take After a Florida Car Accident

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Car accidents are hectic and confusing, leaving many people vulnerable to mistakes that can cost them a lot of money. Part of protecting your finances in the aftermath of a Florida car accident involves knowing what not to after a car accident and what legal steps you can take to secure yourself compensation from the auto insurance company. Some insurance agents will attempt to cheat you out of fair compensation. Talk to a Florida Auto Accident Lawyer if you were denied the compensation you need.

Most Important Steps to Take After a Florida Car Accident 

The steps you take right after the car accident are so vital, they could mean the difference between receiving and not receiving compensation. These initial Florida car accident steps will help you accomplish two major things, protecting yourself from harm and increasing Vital Steps You Should Take After a Florida Car Accidentyour chances of receiving enough compensation to cover the majority of your damages. The first thing you should do is check your body for injuries then the environment around you for hazards.

Move away from hazards like fires or hot metal as much as possible without worsening your injuries. Bone fractures, head trauma, and spinal injuries all have the potential to become worse with the wrong type of movement. Making sure you keep painful areas as stuff as possible when escaping your vehicle is your best bet. Call 911 as soon as you can if you or anyone else was injured.

Never admit fault or apologize no matter how bad you feel. This may hinder your options for compensation. Be sure to collect the other driver’s car, insurance, and basic contact information. Take photos of your injuries and vehicle damages. Write down what you remember happening before memories become hazed. Always ask for a copy of the police report and your medical records. Use all this information in your car accident insurance claim.

What if the Florida Auto Insurance Company Denies Compensation? 

Not all Florida auto insurance companies are here to help you. Some insurance companies will use various methods to avoid paying you the compensation you actually need. This is called bad faith insurance and a few red flags of this include:

  • Offering you significantly lower compensation than is warranted
  • Delaying your claim for up to a year
  • Making nonsensical excuses about delaying your claim
  • Pressuring you to accept their initial lower offer
  • Ignoring your attempts to contact them

You do not have to put up with these kinds of treatments. Try telling the insurance agent why you think the initial offer is not enough. If this does not work, try consulting with a lawyer about your options for filing a complaint or filing a lawsuit. If you lost a loved one, then consider a Florida wrongful death claim.

Florida Car Accident Lawyer

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