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Biggest Dangers on Construction Sites

Biggest Dangers in Construction Sites

Constructions sites often have a lot going on at once. Nearly everyone is on a timetable, with assigned tasks and orders to keep up with. Many construction accidents happen during times of being rushed, careless, or reckless. There are several key dangers in construction sites that cause injuries in these types of situations. Do not hesitate to ask a Miami serious injury lawyer for help if you were in a situation like this.

Most Common Construction Site Dangers

Four of the most common construction site dangers are being struck by objects, falling, being electrocuted, and becoming caught in something. These are the most common reasons construction workers are injured and killed. Identifying what caused your injuries is essential for your lawsuit.

Many struck-by accidents happen when a heavy object falls on a worker or something flies at rapid speeds. Sharp or heavy objects can fly into construction workers during work involving pressurized air, grinding, prying, and certain power tools. Heavy objects may not only fall on workers but can also swing into and injure workers. Cranes are commonly involved in this.

Falls tend to happen with work on scaffoldings and areas with little to no grips or railings. Not using proper equipment or not paying attention can lead to these accidents. Slip and falls can happen too which may also lead to falls from heights.Biggest Dangers in Construction Sites

Electrocution can happen with exposed wires and water coming into contact with wires. Becoming caught in something can happen with tight spaces and trying to reach into these spaces. Falling heavy objects can also trap someone.

Hazards that Increase Construction Accidents

Other than direct causes of construction accident injuries, there are also hazards that increase these accidents. Some of the most common construction site hazards include hazardous chemicals and materials, heavy machinery and power tools, physical stressors, confined spaces, and flying debris.

Depending on the work you are doing, you may be exposed to some of these hazards more than others. Flying debris is common when working with certain power tools or breaking down concrete walls. Falls are common when working on heights without rails. Chemical burns are common when working with certain chemicals.

If you were injured at a construction site, your first task is to identify the cause of your injury. Next, figure out whether anyone could be held partially responsible for what caused your injury. When this applies, you may have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands.

Consider contacting a Miami personal injury lawyer if this happened to you. A lawyer can help you collect evidence and earn you enough compensation to fully recover.

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