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Piedra Law Injury Attorney has a single purpose, to fight to protect the rights of victims hurt by the wrongful and negligent conduct of others. Our attorney have a proven track record of success and provide superior value to our clients with the highest quality legal representation, creative theories and expert advice.
Our team understands that many of times these cases are exceptionally personal and highly emotional. We take the time necessary to fully understand the complete details of each case, your injuries and create a plan of attack that is most likely to lead to the compensation you deserve.

Inside the courtroom, we command attention and enjoy the utmost respect from our adversaries. If necessary, our office has the connections to find the right expert witnesses to support your unique case. Outside of the courtroom, we have successfully resolved thousands of cases for our clients prior without being forced to undergo the stress and expense of protracted litigation or trial.

Our personal relationship with our clients is of utmost importance. We communicate with our clients every step of the way, so that they feel well informed as to how their case is proceeding and what steps need to be taken. When you choose this firm to represent you, you will see the level of satisfaction we will provide to you and why most of our case are referrals from past clients.

Satisfied Client Stories

Working with Hector M. Piedra has been nothing short of a pleasant experience. He is professional, thorough, and most importantly honest. I appreciate them for their support and professionalism. Highly recommended!
Hector was very nice, and responsive. I wasn’t always fast but he was. Everything was in perfect timing and upfront. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needed him as desperately as me . Thanks again hector.
They were very professional and worked diligently on my case. Every time I called them, they say within 24 hours for a return call, but one of them would call me back within an hour or two. God forbid, but if I am ever in another accident, I am going to call and ask personally for Hector. God bless you all for a job well done.
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