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Are Car Accident-Avoidance Systems Unreliable?

Are Car Accident-Avoidance Systems Unreliable?

With newer car accident-avoidance technology each year, many people believe car accidents will decrease. However, these accident-avoidance systems may not always work. When they fail, you will need to figure out how to pay for all the car accident damages you suffered. Paying out of pocket can rapidly drain your finances. Feel free to ask a Miami auto accident lawyer about how to file a car accident claim.

Types of Car Accident-Avoidance Systems

There are several car accident-avoidance systems out there, with new types and advancements coming out each year. As more years pass by, almost every driver will be assisted by these technologies. Car accident-avoidance systems can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Collision warning
  • Collision intervention
  • Driving control assistance

Collision warning systems range from forward-collision warnings to blind spot warnings. What these all have in common is they alert the driver of potential danger or a collision with another vehicle or object. This can help drivers make last-minute efforts to avoid an accident.

Are Car Accident-Avoidance Systems Unreliable?

When it comes to collision intervention systems, these go further and take partial control of the vehicle. These all involve automatically applying the brakes to avoid an accident. This has been implemented for avoiding pedestrian accidents, forward collisions, and blind-spot collisions.

Driving control assistance is more advanced and uses multiple technologies to accomplish various tasks. Lane centering and lane-centering assistance partially control the steering wheel to keep a driver in the proper lane. Adaptive cruise control prevents tailgating by reducing speed for the driver if the driver comes too close to other vehicles.

What to Do if You Are in an Accident

When you do find yourself on the other side of an accident, do not panic. You have options as long as you follow a few key car accident steps. One of the first car accident steps to take is to escape any kind of danger. This means:

  • Moving away from hazards
  • Stopping any bleeding
  • Calling 911 if you or anyone else is injured

Next, try to write down the other driver’s basic contact and insurance information. However, do not make the mistake of admitting fault or apologizing. This can lead to legal difficulties later on. Lastly, collect as much evidence as you can with your phone and by taking notes:

  • Write down what led to the accident
  • Take pictures of your injuries and vehicle damages
  • Obtain copies of your medical records and police report

If you have any questions, try contacting a Miami car accident lawyer for guidance. An experienced lawyer can help you figure out what else you need and will be able to defend your claim.

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