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What Do I Need to File a Product Liability Claim?

Who Can Sue with a Product Liability Claim?

You might be wondering if you can sue in the event that a product has injured you. In short, the answer is that as long as you can find a defect in the product and prove this, you might be able to sue the manufacturer. Depending on the damages you suffered, you could be eligible for significant compensation. The hard part is proving your claim against a large company that may try everything to cover up what happened. Talk to a Miami product liability lawyer to find out what evidence you may need.

When You Can Sue for a Defective Product

Not everyone realizes they do not have to be the owner of the product to sue the product manufacturer. What matters is who was injured or suffered harm from the product. Whether you are a purchaser of the product, the user of the product, loved one, or bystander, you could sue if the product injured you.

For a product liability lawsuit to work, you must also prove the product had a defect. This defect is what must have caused your injury. You cannot sue if you injured yourself by using the product incorrectly. Suing for that reason might only work if the product failed to provide instructions and warning labels for safe and unsafe use.

When it comes to who to sue, this depends on the source of the product and the type of defect. Depending on the situation and type of defect, you might need to sue:

Who Can Sue with a Product Liability Claim?

  • The product manufacturing company
  • The product distributor
  • The product seller

If you are unsure who to sue, consider contacting a Miami product liability lawyer to figure this out. An experienced lawyer can also help you build your case quicker, often with more favorable results.

How to File a Product Liability Claim

The first part of filing a product liability claim is figuring out the type of defect that caused your injuries. Three main types of product defects are problems in design, marketing, and manufacturing.

Problems in design tend to affect every version of that product released on store shelves. Proving design defects means pointing out defects in the product blueprints themselves. This means suing the manufacturer or creator of the product.

Marketing defects may involve suing the seller if the seller made false claims or failed to include proper instructions for safe use. These defects mean the product had a lack of warning labels and instructions.

Lastly, manufacturing defects involve problems during the factory production itself. A simple error likely happened during mass production of one or more products on the factory line. This involves suing the company that made this mistake.

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