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Is Texting the Only Form of Florida Distracted Driving?

Is Texting the Only Form of Florida Distracted Driving?

Texting while driving is one of the most well-known forms of distracted driving, but not the only way drivers can avert their attention from the road. Many other activities while driving can more easily distract a driver than people think, leading to disastrous consequences. Distracted driving accidents still lead to serious injuries and major Florida car accidents to this day. Consider consulting with a Florida Auto Accident Lawyer if you suffered injuries from a negligent driver.

Types of Florida Distracted Driving

There are multiple ways a driver can become distracted while driving that many people are not aware of. These distractions can happen to anyone and some of them might be well-formed habits. Among the various types of Florida distracted driving, each one varies in terms of risk, and the risk level can depend on what is happening on the road.

For example, some of these distractions pose a risk when you are driving on multiple turns or in busy traffic whereas those same distractions would not pose much of a risk while you are at a stoplight. Texting while driving is the type of distracted driving you probably already know, but so is:

  • Using a GPSIs Texting the Only Form of Florida Distracted Driving?
  • Looking for something that fell on the floor
  • Reaching for something hidden behind your seat
  • Taking pictures while driving
  • Eating and drinking
  • Messing with the radio

Each of these is riskier than others depending on what else you are doing when driving. Changing the radio is one thing when you are driving down an empty road at a low speed but adjusting your radio’s settings while going 70 miles per hour on a four-lane busy road is a whole other scenario. Being aware of these differences is key to avoiding distracted driving.

Consequences of Florida Distracted Driving

Not everyone knows how severe the consequences of Florida distracted driving can be. Other than the legal penalties for using a phone while driving in Florida, the damages caused by distracted driving are shocking. Around 3,142 people lost their lives to distracted driving accidents in 2019 alone. This does not even include the number of people who were injured by distracted drivers.

Surviving a distracted driving car accident is only the first ordeal. After that, survivors have to deal with the tedious process of recovery in terms of their health and their finances. Filing a Florida car accident claim does not always work right away and may involve months of collecting evidence and submitting documents to the auto insurance company. Even when the claim is accepted, a survivor may not be offered the compensation they need.

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