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What to Do If You Suffered Burns in a Truck Accident

What to Do If You Suffered Burns in a Truck Accident

Burns can be some of the most painful personal injuries you can experience in a truck accident. Not only that, but some burns can be dead with severe burns increasing the risk for infection. Chronic pain, lifelong disfigurement, and amputations are only a few complications that can also arise. You may not have to pay for all of this yourself if the truck driver was negligent. Talk to a Miami truck accident lawyer to see what compensation you might be eligible for.

How to Manage Your Burn Injuries

Managing burn injuries requires identifying the burn severity, knowing when to call 911, and applying first aid. There are different types of burn injuries that range from mild to severe. Whether your burn injuries are severe depends on the depth, size, and location of your burn. Either of these factors can make your burn mild, moderate, or severe.

Moderate to severe burns should involve the help of a medical professional. If you suspect these, call 911 right away unless you are close to an emergency room. Thelonger you wait to treat these burns, the greater your chances of damaging inflammation and deadly infection.

First-degree burns are mild because they only damage the outer layer of the skin. You will recognize them by their lack of blisters and reddened skin. Second-degree burns are usually moderate-level burns that damage the first layer of the skin called the epidermis. These can blister and scar.

Third-degree burns damage straight through the epidermis, impacting the tissues

What to Do If You Suffered Burns in a Truck Accident

underneath up to the fatty tissues. Burns that are this severe come with a high risk of infection. Fourth-degree burns are worse because they go down to the bone. Golden rules to keep in mind for first aid are:

  • Larger burns are more severe
  • Remove anything burning the wound
  • Clean the wound with clean water but do not soak
  • Have the person drink water

What to Do About the Truck Accident

When it comes to car accident steps, the first step you should take with any injury is to call 911 for the police and paramedics. You will want police so you can obtain a police report copy for your accident claim. Later on, you can file your claim with the auto insurance company and include copies of your medical records to prove your injuries.

Collect as much evidence as you can at the scene by taking pictures, writing down what happened, collecting witness contact information, and writing down the other driver’s contact information. Try contacting a Miami accident lawyer to see what other steps you can take to increase your chances of compensation.

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