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What Does Yield the Right of Way Really Mean?

What Does Yield the Right of Way Really Mean?

Yielding the right of way is something drivers do every day on the road, but it’s also something that can become confusing in certain situations. Some intersections are designed in confusing ways, throwing off even experienced drivers. In different situations, some drivers may fail to yield the right of way. This is how many car accidents in Florida happen. If you were in an accident, consider asking a Miami auto accident attorney about your options for compensation.

What is the Right of Way?

The right of way is something most drivers follow, but not all. Following the right of way rules can generally be defined as stopping and going when you are supposed to. This varies depending on the context, road signs, and what other drivers are doing. Everyone on the road has to follow the right of way rules, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

You may have to yield to pedestrians crossing the street or parking lot. School buses stopped on the road display a stop sign that every driver must yield to. Flashing lights at construction sites and car accident scenes often have drivers yield or drive slower. The most common situations where people yield the right of way are:What Does Yield the Right of Way Really Mean?

  • At four-way stops
  • Deciding when to turn left or right
  • Turning right during a red light when traffic is clear
  • Driving through parking lots where people are walking

Intersections are where many right of way related accidents happen. This is often caused by confusion about who has the right of way and what other drivers are about to do. Failing to anticipate what drivers are going to do at intersections is a main contributing factor to these types of accidents.

When Can You Sue Using the Right of Way?

You might be able to sue the other driver if they breached the right of way rules and caused you severe injuries. One of the most common causes of car accidents is failure to yield the right of way, not only at intersections but anywhere. The next two most common causes of car accidents are improper lane usage and carelessness.

Improper lane usage and careless driving sometimes involve breaking right-of-way rules. When you go into the other lane without checking your blind spot and you hit a vehicle, you are failing to yield to that driver. Drivers are often deemed careless when they fail to follow road rules like yielding the right of way.

Try contacting a Miami car accident lawyer if you suffered injuries from a careless driver. You could be eligible for significant compensation depending on the severity of your injuries.

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