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What Distractions Make Truck Drivers Lose Control?

What Distractions Make Truck Drivers Lose Control?

Almost anyone can become distracted while driving. When a large truck driver becomes distracted, the damages can be catastrophic. Due to the massive size of these types of trucks, the chances of major vehicle damages and severe injuries go up. However, you may not have to pay for all these damages if the truck driver that hit you was distracted. Severe injuries may warrant additional compensation. Talk to a Dade County truck accident attorney to learn more.

What Distracts a Truck Driver?

Many things can distract a driver. Large truck drivers may suffer greater consequences and loss of control when they become distracted. The large size of the truck can make it significantly harder to correct minor driving mistakes. How much these trucks weigh and length play large roles in that.

When it comes to distracted truck drivers, many of the distractions are the same as the average driver. Texting or using a phone while driving is one of them. Other common distractions that overlap both types of drivers include:

  • Eating and drinkingWhat Distractions Make Truck Drivers Lose Control?
  • Trying to find something on the car floor
  • Talking on the phone
  • Arguing with someone

However, there are many other distractions unique to truck drivers that people might be less aware of. Large truck drivers often use dispatchers, handheld phones with dial-pads, maps, and other written documents throughout the day. Any of these can be serious distractions while driving.

Trying to write while driving is close to impossible and can lead to major mistakes since writing requires multiple skills simultaneously. Using a dispatcher can distract the eyes, mind, and hands from driving. The same goes for using papers maps or GPS. Sometimes the safest thing to do is pull off to the side of the road.

How to File a Car Accident Claim

If you were hit by a distracted truck driver, you could be compensated for your damages. Instead of paying out of pocket for your medical bills and car repair costs, you can file a car accident claim with the auto insurance company. Since Florida is a no-fault state, you should be compensated regardless of whether you were ever at fault.

All you have to do is collect evidence and file the right documents with your claim. In short, you want:

  • Pictures of your injuries and vehicle damages
  • The truck driver’s contact and auto insurance information
  • Copies of your medical records and the police report

When you are not offered enough compensation to cover your injuries, you might be able to sue if your injuries are deemed severe. Try contacting a Miami personal injury lawyer to see what steps you need to take to do this.

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