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West Park, FL – Major Three-Car Wreck on US-441 near Hallandale Beach Blvd

West Park, FL - Major Three-Car Wreck on US-441 near Hallandale Beach Blvd

West Park, FL (October 18, 2021) – Police in West Park are currently investigating a major accident that happened on Sunday, October 17. The crash occurred along US-441 just before midnight, according to information from reports. 

Sources indicate that the collision happened between at least three vehicles near Hallandale Beach Boulevard for reasons still being investigated by officials in the area. The crash blocked several lanes of traffic for an extended period of time, forcing local drivers to find alternative routes. 

Video footage from the scene shows two of the vehicles involved that were seriously damaged, including a black SUV and a white SUV. Broward Fire Rescue officials and Sheriff’s Office deputies were observed at the site of the wreck. 

At this time, it remains unclear how many people sustained injuries in the accident. Paramedics assisted injured parties on-site and transported them to local hospitals as necessary. 

Authorities in West Park continue to investigate. Our thoughts are with those involved. 

Auto Accidents in West Park

 West Park, FL - Major Three-Car Wreck on US-441 near Hallandale Beach BlvdCar accidents in Florida and throughout the United States cause serious injuries to thousands of people per year. On average, the state of Florida sees more than 400,000 car accidents every year. Of these accidents, more than 250,000 people sustain injuries. Alarmingly, almost all of the vehicle collisions that occur in the United States are the result of some form of driver negligence. In this modern age, a number of forms of driver negligence exist, most having to do with people texting while driving, talking on the phone, or using hand-held devices like tablets.

When a person looks at their phone for just a few seconds while operating a motor vehicle, they put themselves and everyone around them at serious risk for a traffic collision. Injuries that result from severe traffic collisions can put victims in the hospital for days, weeks, or even months. Being stuck in the hospital recovering can cost victims a fortune, not to mention keep them out of work for prolonged periods of time. This can cause extreme financial stress and worry, not to mention emotional turmoil and physical pain and suffering. All of these negative circumstances, among others, are able to be compensated for in court in the event that the accident that caused a victim’s injuries was caused by another driver’s negligence. A car crash attorney in West Park will be able to help if you or someone you love has sustained a serious injury in a car crash caused by negligence. 

West Park Car Crash Lawyers

At Piedra Law Injury Attorneys, our skilled team of compassionate lawyers has decades of experience helping injured crash victims and their family members get the justice they deserve. Not only that, we have extensive experience in providing our injured clients with the maximum financial compensation available for their injuries and losses. We believe that injured accident victims who are suffering due to the negligence of another driver should never have to pay for their injuries and the damages they face that resulted from their recent accident. 

Some damages that are able to be compensated for in court include pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, medical bills, lost wages, and more. Our West Park personal injury attorneys understand that each situation is unique and requires its own course of action. We have dealt with numerous car accident/personal injury cases over the years, and possess the knowledge and resources necessary to get you the justice and financial compensation you deserve after suffering through serious or even debilitating injuries.

Contact the Piedra Law Injury Attorneys at your earliest convenience in order to be connected with a lawyer who will be able to help you move forward and recover. Call us at 855-881-HURT (4878) in order to speak with an attorney concerning your case. 

Note: This post was created with the use of secondary sources including local and state news reports, police traffic accident reports, various social media platforms, and eyewitness accounts about accidents that take place in Florida. We do not independently verify all information, therefore, if you find anything that is not correct in our post, please notify our firm so that we can correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. We will also remove a post upon request. 

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. This information is not intended to be medical or legal advice. If you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The picture used in this post is not representative of the actual accident scene

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