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Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Part of any personal injury claim is figuring out what caused the accident. If you know what caused the accident, you know who caused the accident. This is vital when you need additional compensation and have to file a lawsuit. The compensation offered by the auto insurance company may not be enough to cover your motorcycle accident injuries. When it comes to motorcycle accidents in Florida, you may also want to talk to a Miami motorcycle accident lawyer about your legal options.

What Factors Cause the Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcyclists and drivers alike can cause major motorcycle accidents. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents revolve around four main errors:

  • Perception
  • Decision
  • Reaction
  • Comprehension

Drivers tend to commit more perception and decision errors. Errors in perception happen when the driver fails to see a dangerous hazard on the road. This can easily lead to an accident when the hazard affects the car or makes the driver make a last-minute risky decision.

Decision errors happen when a driver does not make the right decision when trying to avoid the hazard. This might mean overcompensating to avoid the hazard by turning too sharply and flipping the vehicle. Overcompensating can make drivers lose control and hit the motorcyclist.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists tend to make more reaction and comprehension errors. Reaction errors mean the motorcyclist fails to react to the hazard. This can lead to not trying to avoid the collision or a failed attempt to do so. Comprehension errors are when a motorcyclist detects a hazard but does not comprehend the hazard as dangerous. What this can do is make the motorcyclist fail to act to avoid the danger.

Surviving the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

Surviving a violent motorcycle accident as a motorcyclist is a major ordeal. Not only are motorcyclists less protected but many of them are thrown from their vehicles at high speeds. This increases the chances of life-threatening injuries and death by shock.

The most important thing to do is call 911 and seek help while waiting for paramedics. Others can help stabilize major injuries like profuse bleeding or bone fractures. Be cautious when applying first aid to yourself or others because one wrong move could worsen the injury. Make sure you know the proper way to handle the injury first.

The next phase is surviving the financial aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Part of this for you might mean contacting a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer to see what steps you should take. You can collect evidence by taking pictures of your damages and collecting copies of:

  • Medical records
  • Police reports
  • Receipts

Submit this information to the auto insurance company for compensation. Talk with a lawyer when the compensation is not enough.

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