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Can I Sue If I Was Hit by a Car While Jaywalking?

Can I Sue If I Was Hit by a Car While Jaywalking?

Being struck by a car traveling at high speeds is terrifying regardless of who was at fault. Going through all the legal processes after a Florida pedestrian accident only adds more stress. Not only do you have to recover from your injuries, but you may also have to worry about being sued. The good news is that Florida is a no-fault insurance state, meaning you will be compensated even if you were jaywalking. However, contacting a Miami pedestrian accident lawyer might be needed when the driver wants to sue.

Are Jaywalkers Considered Negligent?

You might be wondering if you could be considered negligent if you were jaywalking. When it comes to jaywalking pedestrian accidents, the pedestrian is usually deemed at fault for the accident. This is because jaywalking is illegal, and any traffic law breach could be considered negligent.

Determining whether you were jaywalking can help or hurt your case depending on what you were doing. Jaywalking can mean many different things. Some common examples of jaywalking include:

  • Walking in the opposite directionCan I Sue If I Was Hit by a Car While Jaywalking?
  • Standing in the middle of a road
  • Crossing a street with no crosswalks
  • Running in the middle of a parking lot
  • Not yielding to oncoming cars
  • Working or leaning on a parked vehicle

However, some situations like these can become complicated when a traffic signal malfunctions. Crosswalks that are damaged or have defective walk signals may place the city partially responsible for the accident. Drivers who were drunk while driving might make it easier for you to defend your claim.

The best thing you can do for your case is to consider contacting a Miami pedestrian accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

One of the most pedestrian accident steps you can take is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Some injuries can go undetected and become worse with time. A few examples include internal organ ruptures, brain injuries, internal bleeding, and soft tissue injuries.

Since Florida is a no-fault accident state, your insurance company might compensate you for your injuries. Whether you are considered at fault for jaywalking may not matter for this part. However, this could matter if you want to seek additional compensation for something like pain and suffering.

This may also make a difference if the other driver decides to sue you. If this happens, be sure to collect as much evidence as possible for the driver’s negligence. Take pictures of the accident scene, write down what led to the accident, and note if the driver broke any traffic laws. Talk to a lawyer about any negligence you suspected the driver of.

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