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What Mild and Severe Injuries Are Caused by Florida Car Accidents?

What Mild and Severe Injuries Are Caused by Florida Car Accidents?

Car accidents can lead to all kinds of injuries with various severity levels that usually depend on the type of Florida car accident and how violent the accident was. Knowing about the range of car accident injuries, from mild to severe, might be able to help more easily identify what injuries you suffered. You can then decide whether to seek emergency medical care or outpatient care in a clinic. Either way, you will need medical records and pictures of your injuries if you want to file a claim for compensation. Talk to a Florida Auto Accident Lawyer to learn more.

Mild Injuries Caused by Florida Car Accidents

Mild car accident injuries range from soft tissue injuries to mild concussions. Lacerations and smaller cuts to the skin are also common along with scrapes to the skin depending on What Mild and Severe Injuries Are Caused by Florida Car Accidents?how the person was thrown around in the car during the accident. What nearly all of these mild injuries have in common is the way they heal on their own in a few weeks or less than a month.

However, some of these injuries may require medical intervention despite how mild they are. Large lacerations, for example, may require stitches and infection prevention medicine. Some soft tissue injuries are severe enough to require surgeries to repair broken tendons and muscles. Soft tissue injuries can be broken down into sprains and strains.

Sprains involve stretched or torn ligaments while strains involve this same kind of damage to the muscles or tendons. Both of these types of soft tissue injuries can be healed with ice, compression, and rest. Severe cases that involve torn tissues can take longer to heal when they require surgery.

Severe Florida Car Accident Injuries

Severe car accident injuries range from shattered bones to traumatic brain injuries. Many bone fractures heal with a simple cast over a month or longer but shattered or twisted bones often require extensive surgeries that can add up to thousands of dollars in medical bills. You may need multiple surgeries for an injury that forces you to miss work.

When it comes to traumatic brain injuries, anything more severe than a concussion can drastically alter a person’s life. Some of the most severe brain injury symptoms include not being able to perform certain tasks anymore, slower thinking, loss of movement, and vision problems.

Spinal cord injuries are also considered severe because they can lead to a complete loss of movement and sensation below the injury site. This can lead to people having to quit their careers. Many of these injuries are more common with Florida pedestrian accidents.

Florida Auto Accident Lawyer

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