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What Car Accident Damages Could I Be Compensated For?

What Car Accident Damages Could I Be Compensated For?

Major car accidents in Florida can result in thousands of dollars in damages. From vehicle repairs to hospital costs, the damages can add up fast. Many people cannot afford to pay all these expenses at once. This is why Florida uses no-fault insurance, which compensates both drivers regardless of who was at fault. However, you may need additional compensation. Talk to a Miami serious injury attorney to find out what damages you could be eligible for.

What Does No-Fault Insurance Mean for Me?

What no-fault insurance means for you is guaranteed compensation whether you were at fault for the car accident or not. However, with every benefit, there is a downside. The downside of no-fault insurance is you are limited on how much compensation you might receive.

At a minimum, your auto insurance company is expected to compensate you for damages like:

  • Medical costs of minor injuriesWhat Car Accident Damages Could I Be Compensated For?
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral costs if anyone passed away
  • Other minor out-of-pocket expenses

For some people, this compensation will be enough to cover all their car accident expenses. However, not everyone may fall into this category. Others might be in need of more compensation when their damages are severe.

While no-fault insurance has some limits on how much you can be compensated initially, you can seek additional compensation. This can only be done if you can prove your injuries and other damages are severe enough. Some examples include death and major life changes caused by an injury. Consider contacting a Miami accident lawyer if you are not sure whether your injuries are severe enough.

Damages You Could Be Compensated For

Other than medical expenses and lost wages, there are plenty of car accident damages you could be compensated for. All you have to do is meet the criteria and have the evidence. Lost wages and medical bills are considered pecuniary damages. There are also non-pecuniary damages.

Non-pecuniary damages include less objective types of damages. These damages revolve around psychological harm caused by the accident. Some non-pecuniary damages you could be eligible for include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional or psychological distress
  • Loss of enjoyment

Some injuries are so severe they permanently alter a person’s life. Disabilities and medical disorders that require long-term treatments may warrant compensation for future medical bills. When this prevents you from working, look into compensation for future lost wages.

Vehicle repairs might be harder to obtain compensation for under no-fault insurance laws. This might depend on how severe the vehicle damages are and other factors. Feel free to talk with one of our car accident lawyers to learn more. A lawyer can help you calculate all your damages.

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