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Palm Beach County, FL – Serious Car Wreck on Florida’s Turnpike near Southern Blvd

Palm Beach County, FL - Serious Car Wreck on Florida’s Turnpike near Southern Blvd

Palm Beach County, FL (May 21, 2021) – Police in Palm Beach County are currently investigating the circumstances of an auto accident that caused injuries. According to information from reports, the wreck happened at approximately 4:20 p.m. on the afternoon of May 21. 

Those involved in the collision have not been identified to the public at this time. Paramedics arrived at the scene to find that at least one person had been hurt and was in need of emergency transportation to the hospital. 

Injured parties were treated on-site as needed before being taken to local medical centers for further care. Police in Palm Beach continue to investigate the circumstances of the incident. 

Police continue to investigate the details of the crash. 

Our thoughts are with everyone involved. We hope for their full and complete recovery. 

Auto Collisions in Florida

A fatal accident in Florida is estimated to take place approximately once every three hours, taking the lives of around 9 people per day. On average, there are around 3,000 deaths caused by Florida traffic accidents every single year, and approximately 155,000 incapacitating injuries. Generally speaking, Florida sees around 400,000 traffic accidents take place per year with over half of them involving injury. 

Florida is ranked as one of the most dangerous states to travel through due to its extremely high accident rate. This could be partially due to the high population in Florida, one of the highest in the United States. 

Victims and their families often have many questions after devastating and unexpected accidents. In many cases, victims are left with overwhelming pain that negatively impacts their health and wellbeing. Our team at Piedra | Injury Law, P.A understands the challenges victims face, mentally, physically, and financially, as they begin the recovery process. For this reason, our team provides invaluable resources and information to anyone who has been injured in an accident as a result of another person’s actions.

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Note: This post was created with the use of secondary sources including local and state news reports, police traffic accident reports, various social media platforms, and eyewitness accounts about accidents that take place in Florida. We do not independently verify all information, therefore, if you find anything that is not correct in our post, please notify our firm so that we can correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available. We will also remove a post upon request. 

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a solicitation for business. This information is not intended to be medical or legal advice. If you are injured in an accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The picture used in this post is not representative of the actual accident scene. 

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